Using a virtual photobooth, we can increase participant engagement and help them feel part of the event.

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Lots of great features to engage your guests, bring them together and make your virtual  event stand out. Make your event memorable for all the right reasons. Make it personal and engage with the attendees.

Packed full of fantastic features that can be customised to your needs, to create the perfect online package for you!

Our Virtual Booth Experience is fully browser based, white labelled and fully brandable to help promote your brand.


A branded photo booth is an event and marketing solution which allows brands to engage and connect with clients and customers they want to reach.

Our online virtual booth works without an app and can be branded and customised to fulfil any need, and can be integrated with many of the leading virtual event platforms.

Our Virtual photo booth makes digital images, GIFS and even Boomerangs. We can add background removal, stickers and avatars!

Simple to use, its fun and who doesn’t love a photo booth!


Use our Virtual Mosaic with the virtual booth to enhance you photo experience. 

Along with our virtual booth experience we have created a unique way for brands to connect with their audience and create digital artwork at the same time.

As audiences create or upload content a virtual mosaic is born and comes together beautifully in real time as the event or campaign evolves.


Display your event images within a live stream feed.. The stream can be viewed via your unique URL or can be embedded within your very own website or virtual event platform.

Having an in person event? Stream your captured photos onto a big screen. A simple but effective way to display all the images from your event.


Giving you complete control over the look and feel of your experience, we at Imprint Interactive will design you a photobooth platform that looks like your own.

Customise all the graphics, colours and even the URL its hosted on.


Gather leads and increase engagement.

Our virtual booths let you capture leads, track analytics and optimise your email marketing through custom sharing.

Using your Google Analytics code we can track demographic data about your users and the Facebook Pixel will help you re-target users with Facebook campaigns.

We can also add questions to the to the workflow to help you gain further, specific, data – which will be collated and supplied to you. 

Let your customers sell your brand – we can give you the tools to make this achievable.


What is your challenge?

Imprint Interactive have worked with many brands on their corporate events.

With access to the latest technology and many years experience in a corporate environment, we are ideally placed to be your virtual engagement partner.

Contact us an lets see how we can help you engage with your customers.