Creating your customer engagement experience

With our development team and versatile software, we can create an your dream experience. 

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Brands need to be engaging with their prospects online.

We can help you build a personalised experience to engage with your clients.

Our unique platform allows you to select the elements you would like to build into your customer experience.

Looking to engage with guests on Zoom?  Need to embed your virtual experiences in your virtual platform?

Virtual Booth

At the core of our platform is our virtual booth, all branded and 100% customised to your needs.

We can do stills, gifs, AI background removal, video backgrounds, stickers, frames and double exposure effects.  Video and Tiktok styles are all available too!

All the output can be used to build a live digital mosaic or shown on our livestreaming all.


Why not run a competition for your clients, as part of their experience and allow them to compete against each other for prizes.

They can see their score on a leaderboard – which encourages them to be competitive with each other!

A great lead way to encourage lead generation and reward participation.

Gift box

Your clients can be rewarded for promoting your brand.

After they have shared a photo, entered a competition or any of our other experiences, your guests can be sent a code.  They then visit the retail location (virtual or physical) to see if their code releases the contents of the gift box!

Give your visitors a great incentive to promote your brand.


Gaming is a great way to engage with your prospects in a fun and imaginative way. 

We can build you a game based on your ideal client for them to engage with and compete against each other.

Use their competitiveness to help promote your brand.


Are you looking to learn more about your clients or looking for their feedback on a new product?

We can build a branded interface, either standalone or linked to one of our other engagement elements, and collate all their response.

Sanitiser Booth

In the new world, hand sanitising is going to remain common.

A branded sanitiser booth reassures guests and provides a perfect opportunity to entertain and interact with them.

The screen can display any content you select and can be linked to a customised virtual booth by displaying a customised QR code.

scratch and win

Further increase your guest engagement by incorporating a scratch and win style game – you control the prizes and the odds. 

As you would expect, it can all be branded!  This is a fantastic way increase engagement.

Once they have taken their photos and shared them they are presented with a Scratch and Win card where they instantly win prizes.

This is a superb option to reward staff, incentivise customers or promote a product. 

treasure Hunt

The possibilities for the Treasure Hunt are endless.

You can have you guests visit locations around your experience or retail location, complete a task and then receive a token.  When they have completed all the tasks, the tokens unlock a reward!  This can be a discount code or a physical prize!


Despite not being in the same physical location, your guests can add friends from anywhere in the world their photo

Our Avatarbud means the no matter where they are located, letting your guests get creative and pose with their friends and team mates for the ultimate real-time group selfie.


Our vending machines are app driven, so no need for coins!

They can be programmed as a standard vending machine, but can also be used for guests to claim their prizes from other elements of the experience.

They can also be used as standalone giveaways – collecting lead data from everyone who uses them.

We can also offer voting, live messaging, 360 video booths, live printing and live painting.  video product review……  talk to us today to see how we can help!

What is your challenge?

Imprint Interactive have worked with many brands on their corporate events.

With access to the latest technology and many years experience in a corporate environment, we are ideally placed to be your virtual engagement partner.

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