are you Engaging, CAPTURING and cONNECTING with your clients online ?

In this new era the world has entered, now is the time to embrace the online virtual word, adapt and work with our engagement strategies. 

Customer engagement has changed forever.

As we embrace the online virtual word, many brands are adapting their engagement strategies.

We can help you solve YOUR customer engagement problems

Imprint Interactive

We understand the New Engagement challenges

You want..

  • Increased customer engagement
  • More leads
  • Greater Social Media coverage
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Greater footfall to your retail store
  • People talking about their experience
  • More brand awareness
Imprint Interactive

We understand What customers want Now

They want..

  • To engage and interact with your company in a fun, interesting and compelling ways.
  • To share content their friends.
  • To have fun, smile and feel good about themselves all whilst sharing your brand images
  • To feel special – and want to become your brand ambassador.

Imprint-Interactive Customer Engagement

What you will be able to do?

Together with our team we will build a custom platform that will attract, engage and interact with your exsisting and new customers in a fun, interesting and compelling ways.

This virtual engagement experience that will amaze your guests and generate lead data for you.

Engage, Capture and Connect with clients

Using a virtual customer experience you can Engage with your ideal client, Capture their details and Connect with them.

Engage – Create interactive, fun and unique experiences to engage with your audience.

Capture – Allow your customers to create fantastic memories and capture their data for future marketing and sales.

Connect – Build relationships with customers and make them your brand ambassadors.

Gift Box


Virtual Booth


Vending Machine


Sanitiser Booth


What can we offer?

  • Virtual Photobooth
  • Digital Mosaic
  • Live Streaming Wall
  • Virtual Quiz
  • Scratch and Win
  • Gift Boxes
  • Games
  • Surveys
  • Sanitiser Booth
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Avatars
  • Vending Machine

Do you have a idea?  Talk to us to make it a reality.

Some examples of experiences that have been built

What is your challenge?

Imprint Interactive have worked with many brands on their corporate events.

With access to the latest technology and many years experience in a corporate environment, we are ideally placed to be your virtual engagement partner.

Contact us an lets see how we can help you engage with your customers.